Dr Luke Dutney

Research Committee

Brief info

Luke is a highly experienced aquaculture specialist and has worked with a wide range of freshwater and marine species. He has demonstrated skills in the strategic planning of major aquaculture projects and the ability to implement strategic initiatives to develop successful operational projects. These include private, state and federally funded multidisciplinary, collaborative, commercial and research projects. A major component of Luke’s work has been on projects that provide significant economic, environmental, and social impact. These include investigating aquaculture production in otherwise void water bodies in open cut and coal seam gas mines, developing cobia aquaculture as an alternative crop for prawn farms in Queensland, developing seaweed aquaculture as a regenerative industry and feasibility assessments for indigenous aquaculture projects. These projects aid in developing and improving resource utilisation to the benefit of the wider community and the environment. Luke has a unique combination of experience in education and training, practical ability in the field, extensive research capabilities and the ability to apply this skill set to all aspects of commercial production.

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