"Ocean Health Foundation prides itself in conducting and supporting scientific research and projects which enhance the health of oceans and the marine life within."

Our Focus & Legacy

Ocean Health Foundation’s focus is to assist organisations and individuals who is aligned to our mission of enhancing Ocean Health.  Our founders have an impressive history in Marine conservation with over 20 years of passion.  Along with their outstanding careers in Medical Health, they have developed various Marine Reserve policies and are linked to various Government organisations and fishing associations that are tasked with delivering marine conservation and research aim at improving our understanding of the marine environment and the species that depend on it. 

The team have a strong interest in science based marine management and the effects of climate change, pollution and fishing pressure on marine systems.  Having traveled extensively through the Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean with firsthand experience on marine eco systems globally.

These learnings are now the backbone of Ocean Health Foundation, and we believe we can help support improved conservation outcomes for our oceans and waterways.