Welcome to our showcase of Projects that Ocean Health Foundation has awarded funding and charitable support to.

These projects are now proudly aligned with our team and together we are improving ocean health and caring for the wildlife within!

IGFA The Great Marlin Race

OHF Biobank for Species Research

Research and biobank library for species management, research and more.

Oyster Recycling Program

OHF is proud to support the collection of oyster shells and recycling them to generate reef material for shellfish restoration in our bays and waterways.

Vessel research for ocean floor mapping and FADs research

The crew of Australian Adventure Charter’s Final Edition whilst on charter have committed to mapping the ocean floor and to obtain valuable knowledge of species attracted to FADs.

IGFA Passport to Fishing

Education program for Junior Anglers with the rollout of Junior Fishing Clinics increasing awareness of sustainable and responsible fishing.

Queensland Black Marlin Data Health

Assessing the health of the Southwestern Pacific Black Marlin by collecting and analysing historic and current catch-effort data.

Upgrade support of Ikijime App to support the humane killing of fish and supporting animal welfare globally.

Announcing Soon!

Announcing Soon!